First Step-Select Resume Template: has a wide range of resume templates.  These templates are of various designs and styles from basic to modern designs. From this website, you can get a resume for any level of career. Whether you need a resume for an internship, first job, or for any professional position, this website can help to fulfill your needs.


Second Step-Pay for your resume Template:

Transacting with is safe and secure. Customers do not need a Stripe account to make payment. A credit card is sufficient to pay the resume fee. You can learn more about how to make payments in the FAQ section.  In case of any question, you can get assistance in the contact section. Method of payment with credit card s explained in the frequently asked questions section. You can read them to get assistance if required.

Third Step-Download Instantly:

The client will return to to complete the order after the resume fee is paid. Resumes can now be downloaded directly in a few moments. Customers can download as many files as they require as long as they want. The files are not limited but are available as per clients’ needs. Downloaded files can be found in My Account as well as on registered email, where the client can receive the download link.

Forth Step – customize your information and ready to Get Hired

Every person’s resume is unique due to differences in skills, work experience, education, etc. After getting the template of your resume, replace the text with your information. If you want to get creative, go ahead. You are free to change fonts and colors and bring a new touch of your own. After finalizing it, save it in pdf format and it is ready to be posted to the hiring mail.

Any Questions?

If you got any queries regarding service or product provided by, please go through the Frequently Asked Questions section. If you don’t get satisfied our customer care will be pleased to aid you 24/7.