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A resume is a record of your works and achievements that bridges the gap between the company and the job seeker. Follow our tips for writing a resume, and in no time, you will be able to create a winning resume.

Contact Information

To write a perfect resume, you have to know which of the information you will provide and which you will withhold. In the contact information section you should never include:

Feature the contact information at the top of your resume or any other prominent position. Make sure that every piece of information is professional and up-to-date. That means you should change your email id if it’s not that professional. Also, if required, consider changing the voicemail greeting.

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You should write about 3 to 5 declarative statements describing your professional abilities and achievements either in a paragraph or in bullet point format. This is the first section of your resume that a recruiter sees. So, this section must make it clear to the recruiter about what you can bring to their table. Using language from the job description is a simple trick to show the recruiters how you can address the need of the company.


The skill section of the resume consists of a list of 6 to 8 of your most relevant abilities. Read the job description closely to find out what the employer needs. Put the most relevant hard skills (ex: qualifications you have for the job) and the soft skills (ex: interpersonal talents) in this section.

Work Experience

This is one of the most important sections that the recruiters check to review your work history. Write the name of the companies, job title, and the employment dates of each job. It is always better to write this section in reverse chronological order. Under the name of each of the jobs, define your responsibilities and achievements. You can incorporate industry-specific numbers as tangible proof.

Education Section

Generally, the education section carries less weight than the work history and skills section. However, for the freshers and entry-level job applicants, this section is more important. Keep your most advanced degree at the top of this section and then work backwards.

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Secret Resume Facts You Should Know

(While Writing Your Resume, Keep These Top Facts in Your Mind)

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  1. Recruiters spend about 6 seconds on an average on each resume before deciding whether to call the candidate for an interview.
  2. The top 15-20 words of your resume play the most important role as most people can read that much in 6 seconds.
  3. Recruiters read only the top 1/3rd section of your resume to decide whether they would keep reading it or not.
  4. The summary section of your resume is the section that most recruiters would read.
  5. Many recruiters use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to find some specific terms in the resume. The search terms of ATS are generally related to the job description.
  6. According to a recent study, about 54 per cent of job seekers don’t change their resume for each of the jobs. So, tailoring your resume can help you to stay ahead of the competition.
  7. Even slightly changing the keywords of the job description can make the ATS scrap your resume.
  8. Most of the ATS cannot understand the common abbreviations. So, it is always wise to avoid using them in your resume.
  9. Unusual spacing, fonts, and images can confuse the ATS, which then eliminates your resume. Take our professional advice to bypass this problem.
  10. Typos are the worst mistake that you can make on your resume. Studies show that about 58% mistakes of the resumes are related to misspellings. So, before mailing your resume for a job, you should run a final check.

The Art of Picking the Perfect Template for Your Resume

For job seekers, a resume is like a passport that helps them to get a job. So, you should pay attention to even the smallest details while writing your resume. Choosing the right template is one of the factors that can boost or hurt your chances of getting a job.

To choose a good template, you must consider the expectations and conventions of your field. You should also consider your experience level before choosing it. Finding the right template for your resume greatly enhances your chances of landing a job.

Newly Graduates and the people who are shifting from one field to another should consider using an entry-level template that highlights their education, skills, and achievements and offers less space for work history.

If you want to impress the recruiters by your technical prowess, you should choose a template of modern design. The sleek and eye-catching style of these templates will help your resume stand out from others.

If you are sending a resume to a recruiter who likes the conventional style of documentation, then choose the traditional templates for writing your resume.

Puzzled? Stick to the chronological format with the conservative font choices and standard headlines. This will ensure the employers that you are well qualified, serious, and all set to contribute.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Writing the Resume

What Is The Best Way Of Writing A Resume?

Details and clarity are two of the strongest points of a good resume. Be specific about your responsibilities in such a way that the recruiters understand your capability perfectly.

Also, customize the content of your resume before applying for a particular position.

How to Write a Resume for Changing Your Career?

You should identify the skills you have learned from the previous job and relate it to the position you want. Research to know about the transferable abilities and don’t forget to incorporate keywords from the job description.

How to Fill the Employment Gaps On A resume?

While writing a resume after long term unemployment, you should focus on your accomplishments. However, you should never ignore the period of unemployment.

Check different resume formats and then choose one that downplays your past. You can address the issue of your employment gaps in the cover letter or during the interview.

Should I Write A Resume Objective?

As the objective of the job seeker is to get a job, there is no point in mentioning it. If you are a fresher, then you can add an objective in the summary section for explaining your priorities.

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