Resume Sample of Dishwasher

Dishwasher has a great responsibility in restaurants, commercial kitchen, healthcare units or in VIP hotels. Dishwasher keeps kitchen and utensils clean and take care of cooking place’s hygiene and neatness. Their role is to clean cooking utensils, dishes, bowls, pots are cleaned by hands or employing dishwashing machines and they put utensil in hygienic place and maintain cabinets and workstations cleanness. Mostly hotel supervisor gives them instructions. Dishwasher collects dirty dishes, wash them by hand but usually in high profile restaurants and hotels, dishwashing machinery can be used to wash dishes. These dishes can be then store in hygienic place for use. Beside these main roles, their other activities include clean storage place, cooking room, take care of kitchen wall and floor, and take part in other activities too.

How to Write Dishwasher Resume:

Even if you don’t have a highly educated background, but you are dedicated and careful while writing resume and have high potential to get  into hard working career like dishwasher, then flourishing in such career is not  a difficult task for you. with constant hard work, you might grow into catering business someday. Just focus on your objective and create a highly professional resume.

  • Skills like handle utensils with care, work rapidity, sanitation maintaining sense etc. are critical. Include these skills in your resume.
  • Mention experience in dishwasher field like in restaurants or café etc. and point wise state them.
  • Mention your education.

Dishwasher Resume Example:

Cameron Oberbrunner

XX abc Street, Manhattan, New York 20036
(000) 015-0000,


Efficient with more than 5 years of experience with entertainment venues specialty. Put in all effort to satisfy supervisor, seniors as well as customer. Coordinating with team, highly committed, ordered, hard worker and professional dishwasher.


  • Strong organizing skills, multi-tasking ability and team player.
  • Time and multi priority management abilities.
  • Physically fit and high energy degree.
  • Knows to maintain hygiene and nearness.
  • Can handle the pressure of dishwashing job.
  • Able to make change quickly and efficiently and taking timely decisions.


08/2019 ABC Restaurant, XYZ x city, Washington

  • Responsible for washing dishes, keep kitchen clean.
  • Helpful to train other workers
  • Perform different duties assigned by supervisor
  • Complete every task


XYZ School, New York (2012)