What should you put in your resume and what should be left out? What are the accomplishments and experiences that will help you to land the job you are eyeing for a long time? How many pages should the resume be?

When you are out of the habit of updating your resume, answering these questions gets difficult. Same goes for the freshers who are thinking about writing their resume for job application.

Worry no more! Resume Template has brought all the resume tips that you need to know in a single place. Read the following tips and craft a winning resume for your dream job.

Telling Your Story

Telling your story through your resume is no doubt important. However, putting every work experience you have so far in your resume is not a brilliant idea either.

Consider your resume as a marketing document and not as a comprehensive history of your experiences. So, make sure only to mention and highlight the skills and accomplishments that are relevant to your targeted job.

Keep a Master List of All the Jobs

You must have understood by now that you have to tweak the resume depending on the job profile. So, keeping a master resume on your computer is an intelligent plan. Put all the relevant information about your experiences and special projects on that master resume, and copy-paste the relevant information to the specific ones.

Put the best Stuff above the Fold

If you consider your resume as a piece of marketing document, you have to present it in the likewise manner as well. That means you have to keep the most important experience and accomplishments on the top third of your resume..

Ditch the Objective Statement

The objective section of your resume becomes extremely important when you take a major career leap. At that time, the objective helps you to explain why your experience is not compatible with the position you are applying for. If that’s not your case, then you should nix it.


Keep it Simple

Getting creative is definitely the easiest way to stand out in any sphere in life. But when it comes to resumes, simplicity is the key to success. Use a sleek modern font and choose a font size that leaves a healthy amount of white space on the page.

No matter what type of format you follow, keep it simple and consistent throughout, and your resume will stand out.

Make Your Contact Information Prominent

Do not write down your address on your resume. But, make sure your resume contains a phone number and an email address. You can also offer links to other places the recruiting manager can find you on the web.

Design for Skimmability

Recruiters do not spend a lot of time while checking the resumes out. Keep that in mind while designing your resume. Enhance the scalability of your resume to help them get as much information possible.

Work Experience

Keep It Recent and Relevant

There is a rule of thumb of writing a resume; you should include only the recent and relevant work experience in it. Remember, any experience beyond 15 years does not mean that much to the recruiters.

No relevant Experiences? Don’t Worry!

Don’t press the panic button if you don’t have relevant experience that fits the job requirement. In this case, you should focus on your relevant transferable skills and related academic projects. Make sure to write a strong cover letter with your resume explaining why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Curate The Bullet Points

It does not matter how much you have accomplished on a job, you should never put more than five to six bullet points in a given section.

If you put more than that, the recruiter is going to ignore them without any doubt.


ZIP Review to download (Zip file can be downloaded for 10 mins after reviews are even in number) or Buy Resume Template
ZIP Review to download (Zip file can be downloaded for 10 mins after reviews are even in number) or Buy Resume Template
ZIP Review to download (Zip file can be downloaded for 10 mins after reviews are even in number) or Buy Resume Template
ZIP Review to download (Zip file can be downloaded for 10 mins after reviews are even in number) or Buy Resume Template

Gaps and Other Sticky Situations

Kill the Short Term Jobs

If you have been employed in a company for only months, don’t put it on your resume. If you are honest about your job experiences in the interview, you should not worry about bumping one or two short-lived jobs out of your resume.

Best CV Format
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Deal with The Gaps

If you have gaps for only a couple of months, don’t list the start and end dates for each job position. You can just list the years or the number of years or months you have spent on that organization.

However, if you are reentering in the job scenario after a long hiatus, make sure to include a summary statement at the top. Outline your best skills and accomplishments there, and move on to your career chronology. By addressing the gaps, you can illustrate the reason for your sporadic job movements and make it less of an issue.